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Sacred Path Healing, Ruey Ryburn, DrPH, RN, AHN-BC Oahu
  Website: www.sacredpathhealing.com

Contact: Ruey Ryburn
E-mail: rueyry@gmail.com
Phone: (808) 737-8859
Mobile: (808) 284-6328

Address - Map & Directions
3649 Nihipali Place
Honolulu, HI 96816

Island: Oahu

Sacred Path Healing is a three-year program of intensive study of spiritual awakening, processing, meditation and healing. Each of the three years builds upon the previous one, culminating in ordination and spiritual healership and earth stewardship. The curriculum provides the education, experience, and support necessary to become a skilled, confident, and successful energy healer.

Year One

Year One focuses on self-healing. This year may be taken without continuing into the intensive healership training of the next two years. This year focuses on self-healing. The students look at their unconscious, unhealed, and inner wounded places while simultaneously studying the seven charkas and twelve meridian pathways to healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Yoga, chanting, meditation, group process, healing demonstrations, lecture/discussion, and experiential exercises are integrated into this year’s study. Students also begin learning how their own astrological chart influences their life path.  Click here for more information on year one.

Year Two

Year Two continues in the inward journey of personal healing while also focusing on self in relation to other. Hands on healing work is begun while continuing deep inner process work to heal the four body system of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. A deeper base understanding of the human energy field in relation to one’s spiritual path and life’s work is explored. Students also are required to study human anatomy and physiology from an energetic perspective.  Click here for more information on year two.

Year Three

Year Three continues the development of healership with emphasis upon the power of intention, surrendering to working with the spiritual team guiding Sacred Path Healing, as well as exploring distance, earth and global healing. Human anatomy and physiology is continued throughout this year. One’s own inner path continues to deepen as the student prepares for ordination into the Sacred Path Healing congregation of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards. Students present a culminating project highlighting their work with an individual, corporate, or clinical organizational client.  Click here for more information on year three.

Ruey Ryburn is a certified practitioner of Brennan Healing Science. She maintains an active healing practice in Honolulu, where she created and runs the Sacred Path Healing School. She is a diploma graduate of the four-year certification program and subsequent faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Dr. Ryburn is board certified as an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse (AHN-BC) from the American Holistic Nurses’ Certification Corporation. Dr. Ryburn is a Sacred Heart TM Yoga certified teacher.

Dr. Ryburn has a doctorate in public health (DrPH). She is a registered nurse (RN) and a nurse practitioner (NP). She also has master’s degrees in nursing (MS) and public health (MPH). Dr. Ryburn retired in 2000 as Professor Emeritus from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Dr. Ryburn has a doctorate in public health (DrPH). She is a registered nurse (RN) and a nurse practitioner (NP). She also has master’s degrees in nursing (MS) and public health (MPH). Dr. Ryburn retired in 2000 as Professor Emeritus from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Please contact Ruey Ryburn for the cost of classes.

How to Apply to the School

If you have questions, please contact Ruey Ryburn. Click here for the application forms and information about the application process.


Definition Poem

Sacred Path Healing

A time of growth,

A time of grace,

A time of karmic pattern dissolution,

A time of knowing and loving God,

A time of assisting others,

A time of uncovering Self,

A time of ego dissolution,

A time of joy,

A time of stepping forth

Upon the path to Creator’s heart.

Mission Statement: Sacred Path Healing School

Sacred Path Healing is a school whose mission is to teach and practice love:

Love for Creator,

Love for Self,

Love for other,

Love for earth.

Love flows in a sea of creativity and passion,

While maintaining structure,

Providing safety and boundaries

To look into the depths and shadows of one’s being

Following the light and sound current vibrating truth.

Only then may answers be known and decisions made.

Vibrating in loving truth dissolves differences,

Resulting in healing and peace.

As the process of self-healing continuously unfolds,

Students’ open to their life mission and tasks,

Sharing Creator’s blessings and grace.

Sacred is the Path.

Healing is the Mission.

Love is the Answer.

Peace is the outcome.


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