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Kupale Hawaii Women's Assualt Prevention Oahu
  Website: www.kupalehawaii.com

Contact: Steve McLaughlin
E-mail: kupalehawaii@gmail.com
Phone: (808) 595-7175

Honolulu, HI 96817

Island: Oahu

Service Area: All Islands

The HZJK presents Hawaiis #1 Womens Assault Prevention Course. The Kupale Hawaii School of Women's Assault Prevention & Domestic Safety  is a single 4 hour afternoon class.  Easy, instructive and anyone can do it!
Taught to Hawaii hospital staff, elementary and high schools, rec centers, centers for the blind & handicapped, sex abuse programs, social services staff and senior citizen centers.

The HZJK presents Hawaii\'s #1 Women & Children\'s Domestic Safety and Assault Prevention Course.

The Kupale School of Women & Children\'s Domestic Safety and Assault Prevention Course. is a single 4 - hour afternoon class. Its easy, instructive and anyone can do it.

Taught to Hawaii hospital staff, elementary and high schools, rec centers, centers for the blind & handicapped, sex abuse programs, social services staff and senior citizen centers.

The Kupale School of Women & Children\'s Domestic Safety and Assault Prevention Course. is a single 4-hour afternoon class of intensive self-protection, and assault prevention training. Prof. Steve McLaughlin, with 38 years Women’s Assault Prevention and Self-Defense & Domestic Safety teaching experience, instructs this course. Professor McLaughlin is a Shihan of the Bushidokan Federation, Sensei of the HZJK, 7th Degree Black Belt in DanZan Ryu JuJitsu and holds Black Belts in several other martial art disciplines.

The Kupale School of Women & Children\'s Domestic Safety and Assault Prevention Course. has been in continuous presentation at various martial art schools, recreation centers, senior citizen centers, hospitals, real estate companies, banks and many more, in the U.S. for the past 32 years. The course has won awards and certificates from women’s groups in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. The techniques and information presented are based on the latest police reports on violent criminal behavior and Social Work research on therapeutic intervention with survivors of assault and domestic violence.

The techniques presented are simple, practical, effective and proven methods from principles of DanZan Ryu JuJitsu (DZR) and can be accomplished by anyone with little or no previous training Each class is 40% Assault Prevention lecture and 60% Self-Defense and Self-Protection techniques. Self-protection consists of methods to keep you from hurting yourself, and self-defense emphasizes techniques to use in the event of an attack. Training is done in a controlled, safe, slow, environment until the techniques can be performed realistically. Realism is a key component of learning Self-Defense correctly. You will learn how to assess, avoid and escape many situations. You will learn how to settle fear and panic with proper breathing. You will learn to use assertive voice control. Also included in the course are question and answer sessions, lectures followed by hands-on examples, a field trip into a parking lot for hands on training in vehicles.


"Professor Steve McLaughlin makes learning assault prevention fun and informative! He shows you ways to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by an attacker...30% lecture and 70% practice...it\'s a single 4 hour session with breaks. It is the best 4 hours you will spend! Lots of good information and tips on things to be aware of."


There is no substitute for realistic practice of actual self-defense techniques. You must practice until the moves can be done without thinking.

Professor H.S. Okazaki founded the DanZan Ryu JuJitsu Women’s Self Defense System in Hawaii in the early 1900s. A martial arts master famous world wide for this unique and encompassing system of self-defense. His early Women Self-Defense Course (Fujin Goshin no Maki) developed in the 1920s was one of the very first in the world. His training course for the Honolulu Police Department in 1929 is still a model used to train Police Departments around the world today.

Professor Okazaki was equally famous as a gifted massage therapist treating such people as President Franklin Roosevelt. His massage and healing legacy continues to this day. Under our new format you will receive your - HZJK Kupale Certificate of Completion - upon passing the physical assault prevention examination at the conclusion of the class. Many employers will reimburse you for the course after receiving this certificate.




Kupale means "To Protect."
You can protect yourself and your family with knowledge and skills. Learn how to prevent or escape from a potential attack or assault, even from dogs.
You don\'t event have to be in shape!    
All ages: 10-110.   

This 4 - hour afternoon class could save your life
Excellent life skills training if you are home, traveling, working or on a college campus. It\'s easy, instructive and anyone can do it. No martial arts experience necessary.

Over 12,000 women & children in Hawaii have taken this highly successful course.Our participants come from hospital staffs, banks, women\'s business groups, military wives clubs, the Boys and Girls Clubs, Girls Scouts, elementary & high schools, churches, women security guard groups, sex abuse programs, judges, real estate sales staffs and social workers. We also have taught our program to women and children in wheelchairs and for state programs for the blind.


Listed as a resource by: 
Kapiolani Sex Abuse Treatment Center, KOKUA Program UH-Manoa,
Women\'s Center UH-Manoa, the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women, Hawaii Domestic Violence Action Center, Schofield Joint Military Spouses Organization, Hawaii State Programs for the Blind, Queen Lili\'uokalani Children\'s Center, 

Kamehameha Schools, Boys and Girls Club, Attorney General\'s Office - Hilo,

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response - USMC, and Castle Hospital


Group rates for organizations. 
Contact us if you would like your community to access Kupale as a group.  
All ages: 10-110.


Pre-registration is required: You may sign up on-line at http://www.KupaleHawaii.com


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