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Psych-K Belief Mantra - Live your Dreams! Oahu
  Website: beliefmantra.com

Contact: Rita Soman
E-mail: rita.soman@gmail.com
Phone: (503) 307-3287

Honolulu, HI 96716

Island: Oahu

Service Area: Oahu, International

We at Belief Mantra believe that like everyone else, you too deserve to meet your heart’s desires in this lifetime. We help you to unleash your potential in the areas of Relationships, Self-Esteem, Spirituality, Health, Prosperity, Personal Power, Grief and Loss and Alcohol & Drug Addiction.

We help you with aligning your beliefs to match your goals. If your beliefs are not in alignment with your with your goals, reaching them will be nearly impossible, especially if your beliefs are subconscious. As Carl Jung once said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Conversely, when you recognize your beliefs, especially the limiting ones, you can then take control of your life and achieve seemingly impossible goals.  

Our mission is to help you to free yourself from the limitations of your past, live your dreams and manifest your goals, quickly and easily.

Come with us on the journey to “re-discovery” and learn to create the life the way you desire and deserve to live. Unlike traditional psychotherapy you won’t need to spend hours in sharing about your past. You’ll be able to pick your life up from where you’re now, to where you want to go.  Tons of testimonials are dropping in our mail box everyday to verify the effectiveness of the processes we’re using to help people.

Rita Soman, M.A., CADC III

*Regular Workshops on Oahu + Phone Sessions**
The Basic Workshop is two full days in length and is delivered in an interactive manner. A balanced combination of lecture, demonstration, hands-on practice, and group discussion effectively facilitates learning and integration of the tools offered. Here is what you can expect:

•3 step process to unlock the secrets of the subconscious mind
•5 powerful steps to change outdated subconscious programs that are holding you back in life
•7 steps to unblock and integrate the brain’s hemispheres to support subconscious change
•4 part process to clarify your conscious goals in a way the subconscious can understand and support them
•Verifiable and objective process for confirming that the subconscious change has been achieved
Plus, you’ll receive 175 easy to use belief statements covering 7 key categories of change that are based on thousands of hours of one on one sessions.

And as a PSYCH-K graduate you also have access to our constantly expanding resource library to support you to implement and get value from the PSYCH-K tools.

At the end of the weekend, you are entitled to use PSYCH-K with clients as well a family and friends to create powerful shifts in consciousness and in the lives we experience.

ACCBO APPROVED 15 CEUs For Addiction Professionals

Q: Why learn PSYCH-K®?

A: You have more power within you than you were ever taught or led to believe. Too, your external life manifests itself according to your internal programs and patterns. Anyone and everyone can learn the specific processes taught that reconnect the magic of science and inner technology, bringing personal empowerment into our everyday lives.

Not everyone knows that the human mind is programmable and even fewer people know how to program the mind because they don’t understand how the mind acquires and stores its programs, or how to speak the language of the subconscious mind. Utilizing the techniques of a process called PSYCH-K® you will learn how to unleash the power within you and create a life that reflects the very best you! PSYCH-K can help you with identifying and changing your limiting subconscious beliefs in a matter of minutes. Also PSYCH-K works very well with other healing modalities. It’s missing piece to all that you’re already doing. It’ll definitely speed up the process of where you want to see yourself in life. It’s very simple, fun, and easy to use process that can make a huge difference in the outcome that you are trying to bring in your life by hard. As a matter of fact when your beliefs get in alignment with your goals, even simple actions can begin to bring you the results quickly. You can than call it a MAGIC!

Who should attend?
The PSYCH-K workshop is designed for both practitioners who want to add these powerful tools to their existing practice as well as individuals who to create and experience more peace, joy, great health, abundance and success in their lives.
PSYCH-K has proved to be effective dealing with a range of emotional and physical challenges to create changes in areas such as

•Spiritual connection
•Personal Power
•Self esteem
•Grief & Loss
•Weight loss
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